13 Oct 2016

Constant change is an uphill battle but a necessity that gives our group ultimate exposure.


Changing the way documents are handled is a big culture change but the results are already of great benefit to our companies.We are very happy with the level of support and assistance we are getting from SG Solutions, they literally went out of their way to get the project to work in the manner we wanted and with only a few minor hitches which were solved in a very professional way.

The Customer

MelitaUnipol Insurance Agency Ltd. was set up in 1997 and has now a portfolio of approximately twenty thousand insurance policies. We offer all types of insurance cover. It is our mission to make a difference, add value to our client and establish ourselves as a leading insurance provider.

The Challenge

The challenge we faced was to rid the company of all the documents and files that had been amassed since inception, with the resulting problem of lack of storage space and difficulty in retrieving files efficiently.

The first phase was to get our motor department into the system. This department basically generates more than 60% of all documents held at our office. For the last two months we have processed over 160,000 pages, approximately 1.5 tons of paper.

A document destruction schedule, which ensures that paperwork is kept no longer than regulations require, is a key part of the scheme. We have found out that ABBYY software is very adaptable and can satisfy any changes that may occur. This will also give us the opportunity to continue developing new projects for all the other departments.

A further challenge would be to liaise with our Insurance Principles or any other entity (eg Transport Authority; Surveyors; Parts Suppliers, to name just a few) to help us align incoming documents in such a way that they could be placed directly into ABBYY’s server for processing.


The solution is clear, ABBYY has all the capability available to recognize the necessary data in our documents and records are kept in our Database Server. This enables our staff to locate PDF documents with infinite searching  parameters and speed. 


ABBYY has already led to greater efficiency and better productivity on the part of our staff. Since the software was installed back in July, all staff at Head Office and at our branches are benefitting from this solution.

The time saved is now being used to concentrate on helping clients and selling our products instead of it being wasted on filing, searching for files and organising  paperwork. Five minutes saved looking for a paper file is five minutes more that can be spent talking to your customer. 

ABBYY has also proven to be cost effective as it is not necessary any more to waste time in printing out certain documents for onward transmission as these are now automatically saved and kept in the ABBYY server and sent out at the touch of a button.

The decision to go for a paperless system coincided with the refurbishment of our offices, so everybody was well prepared for change and eager to settle into their new surroundings and the new system. It is also finally an experience to have a clear desk when sitting down with a client.





 SG Solutions are ABBYY Certified Partners in Malta.

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