10 Mar 2017


“Over the past years, technology has found its way into every aspect of a business’s operations, from payroll to stock control, and from e-commerce to business intelligence. We asked leading stakeholders what they see as the most exciting area that will benefit from technology – disruptive or not – in the coming years”.


“Digital media had been taking over in the past years and this trend will continue in the coming years. From simple photocopier to solutions offered by multi-function printers are all designed to target towards digital archiving of documents. Digital archiving makes it easy to save and retrieve documents but then security will become a concern, thus secure archiving and retrieval has to be inbuilt in such solutions and not an afterthought. The amount of digitized documents will also require an efficient Document Management System (DMS). 

Video conferencing is also becoming more popular within the business community, this provide more work flexibility and save time and travelling costs. The digital media is also resulting in more demand for projectors, the most popular being the ultra short throw projectors, due to their portability. With the increase in conferences, training and marketing, interactive white boards are also becoming a valuable asset, I believe that the progress in the digital media will make it easier for businesses to have their employees working with flexibility, either from office or from home. In the medical area, digital media will also facilitate remote diagnostics and operations. In general the progress in digital media will enable businesses and employees to be more efficient and flexible.” 

by Edwin Attard, Business Development Manager (Office Automation)

Article published on The Times of Malta on the 23 February 2017




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