21 Jun 2016

SG Solutions and EMC have launched the new range of All-Flash Storage solutions in Malta.



In today’s lightning-fast digital world, it’s critical for businesses to make their move to the Modern Data Center where flash storage reigns supreme. Flash is now the new normal thanks to its affordability, agility, efficiency, and speed. And thanks to EMC, businesses can begin their journey to the Modern Data Center with the broadest All-Flash portfolio on the market. What does that mean for your business? Consistent, predictable, low-latency performance across your infrastructure, while dramatically reducing cost and complexity. It’s time to take the leap to the Modern Data Center with EMC. We’ll show you how.



While flash is the underlying storage media, it is EMC’s architectures and software that distinguish us from the others. No other storage company offers the range of products and solutions designed to transform your business like EMC. Driving new levels of storage efficiency across our entire storage portfolio, we ensure you get maximum value from your storage investments.

Performance:• 3X faster, ultra-low latency, and sub-millisecond response times ensure mission-critical applications are always available and responsive with consistent and predictable performance. Drive workload consolidation and eliminate single workload silos.

Availability: • Always on with up to 99.9999% availability. World-class solutions combine disaster recovery with business continuity and data protection.

Scale: • Entry level to enterprise solutions, so you can start small and grow big without losing performance. Scale to more than 4 PB of usable storage with the world’s largest All-Flash arrays.

Low TCO and Fast ROI: • Reduce costs by up to 80% over three years, including 5.8X lower storage admin costs with simple deployment, inline data reduction, reduced management complexity, and less power, space, and cooling requirements. Store 6X more data than traditional disk-based storage systems.

Converged Infrastructure: • Deploy fully optimized, ready-to-go All-Flash platforms to run your core business applications and services.

 All-Flash Design


F lash technology is more than just fast storage. It’s a powerful tool that delivers unparalleled performance never before possible. Only All-Flash solutions allow you to keep costs under control, while reacting to changing markets and customer demands almost instantly.

• Flash Storage Options: Get a wide variety of data services, including data reduction through deduplication, thin provisioning, advanced encryption, industry-leading security features, and more.

• Integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM): Instant copies enable large-scale, high-performance development and test environments to be created and updated instantly. Near real-time analytic copies can be created and refreshed on demand.

• Application Integration and Automation: EMC All-Flash arrays work in conjunction with orchestration software, like AppSync, to automate the process of managing copies—connecting them to hosts, refreshing them, and deleting them.

• Integration into the EMC Portfolio of Products: Get distinct advantages over point products from other vendors. Use Isilon for scale-out NAS and unstructured data, VNX for user data storage, Data Protection Suite and Data Domain for backup, archive, and disaster recovery, ProtectPoint for direct backup, RSA for security, and vSphere for integration.

• Peace of Mind: Remove any fear of running your enterprise entirely on flash with a fixed-cost and predictable lifetime maintenance plan, solid 3-year money-back warranty, and lifetime flash endurance protection. If any flash drive comes within 5% of its usable life, we replace it free of change.


Storage Agility Benefits 




Data Protection Everywhere


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