SG Solutions strong points are providing complete implementation and maintenance services. Rather than providing our customer with boxes, we provide a PC on our customer’s desk which is ready to use, and configured with backend servers over secure Wireless on fixed LAN infrastructure, thus providing our customers with an end to end solution.

The Company throughout the years provided IT Solutions – Hardware, Software, Network, Storage & Support - to different sectors; Financial, Retail, Hospitality, Automation and Government, just to mention a few. Our solutions' team have a wealth of experience in providing simple, secure and cost effective IT infrastructures, while keeping downtime to a minimal given the budget constraints.

Through our expertise SG Solutions can offer:

SG Solutions supplies and supports a wide product portfolio from leading ICT brand names including ABBYY, Apple, Bleep, Cisco, EMC, Epicor, Geac, HP, ICG, Microsoft, Oracle, Ricoh, and Sage Enterprise Solutions.