As technology evolves and organisations rely more and more heavily on analytics to conduct their business, data has quickly become the most important asset of most companies. It is therefore to no surprise that in today’s day and age, should a disaster occur within an organisation, the time to return operational will mostly depend on one thing, data. Although in some cases data can be re-built or re-created, if an organisation is not well prepared in terms of data backups and contingencies, the amount of time and effort required to preform data recovery will most likely result in the biggest revenue loss both in terms of expenses to achieve this, as well as the business being lost during the recovery phase for such an organisation. 

Nowadays we do not only protect our data from physical theft or damage. Most of the data that is lost occurs either due to digital theft, human error, and last but not least infamous ransomware, where data is encrypted and the victim is extorted for ransom or the data will be published online or deleted. Although having a valid backup of your data puts a layer of security, consensus between experts suggests that the most economic feasible and secure number of backup copies is 3. There is no such thing as the perfect number of data copies, however having 2 copies of your data onsite and another copy offsite will drastically reduce the risk of loosing any of your data.

SG Solutions provide various offerings to mitigate data loss, be it entry level solutions for small businesses up to high end corporate solutions that offer onsite, offsite and cloud backup options. Our team of experts have years of experience in backup and recovery solutions in all areas of the industries. 


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