Why Cloud Connect

Everyone needs a place to store their backups off site. But many organisations don't have a second site, and rotating tapes or removable media off site is cumbersome. Increasingly, customers are turning to the cloud as a better alternative.

How It Works

Veeam Cloud Connect integrates hosted backup repositories (called cloud repositories) directly into the Veeam backup console:

  • You simply click “Add Service Provider” and enter the credentials that we provide you with.
  • The cloud repositories appear in the backup infrastructure.

That's it! There’s no VPN, no separate console, and cloud repositories work like other backup repositories – except they’re available even if the primary backup or data center is lost.

No VPN but is it secure?

Veeam Cloud Connect securely transfers data over an SSL/TLS connection, using a single port to simplify firewall configuration and eliminate the need for a VPN connection


How to Buy

Simply fill in our Online Enquiry form and we will get back to you shortly. You can directly access the contact form from here.

Veeam Cloud Connect