SG Solutions have been leaders in providing services related to Office Automation for over 20 years. With various technology partners and a dedicated team, we have been able to provide various printing and mailing solutions across all the island.

Today, Office Automation has expanded further and often involves a combination of tools which will provide an efficient system to create, store, manipulate and relay office information over a network, as well as be able to keeping a record of costs and user audits together with other forms of security and controls. What started out as word processing, data processing and e-mail has now moved on to more sophisticated office automation tasks such as advanced copying, scanning and printing processes that integrate front office and back office systems and processes. Modern office automation can save time and money while reducing paper waste and power consumption.

Office Automation solutions that we can provide include;

  • Printing related equipment and support.
  • Management tools to help your IT administrator by simplifying management, monitoring and control of equipment usage
  • Software to assist in business productivity with streamlined, personalised document workflows
  • Solutions to help protect sensitive information by improving document security and aid regulatory compliance
  • Mailing equipment which will enable paper handling, mail security and cryptology, printing technology and traceability


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