Booking a boardroom or meeting room within your organisation can become a hassle and at times leave you red faced in front of your guests.

"But I booked this room on our company calendar"


"I am sure I had informed the receptionist that I have guests coming over today

Never double book a room again. With the right software you will be able to control who can see and book which rooms.

SG Solutions have the right product for you. 



Meetio Room is a meeting room manager which is placed outside your meeting room and shows if the room is occupied or free. When the room is free you can book it instantly. Meetio Room shows future meetings, room name, your logo and can even allow users to check-in to the meeting. 



Meetio View gives everyone an instant overview of your meeting rooms. You can show the rooms in a grid view or list view and filter rooms on availability. A room display perfect for a lobby or reception.

Room Scheduling