SG Solutions offer a wide range of cash registers ranging from simple numeric keypad devices to the more complex systems.

The most advanced systems can also have a fully QWERTY keyboard, touch screen interface or a combination of these input methods for the cashier to enter products and fees manually and also be able to access stored information to complete the sale. For specific businesses such as restaurants and other establishments that do not sell barcoded items, we have special products that make use of quick access keys that are pre-programmed and customized with the items on sale. 

We also have models that support handheld or stationary barcode readers so that a customer's purchases can be more rapidly scanned. At grocers, the register's scanner may be combined with a scale for measuring product that is sold by weight. 

At SG Solutions you can also find a range of receipt printers that can support various customizations such as the printing of logos, and alternate layouts.

Products Offered