K-box is the latest generation cash register by MCT, innovative design, versatile and light, that "lights up" your store.

  • Double high brightness display
  • Roll change quick loading thanks to "Easy Loading" and roll door with mounting hinge
  • Detailed design
  • Integrated keypad flush.
  • Choose your color from silver, blue, green, white and orange.



Display: LCD backlit, 2-line by 16-character alphanumeric 10mm (Operator side) and Backlit LCD, 1 line with 16 characters alphanumeric 15mm (Customer side).

Keyboard: Standard 38 keys (max 45) configurable waterproof pouring liquids (waterproof).

Printer: Thermal high-quality graphics.

Roll: Width 57.5 mm, diameter 50 mm.

Print speed: 80 mm / sec

Print quality: 80 dots / mm

Daily Journal: Electronic format on MultimediaCard MCT.

Sensors: Paper End (waste 0), head temperature, printer cover open.

Interfaces:  1 RS 232 with RJ45 connector for connection to PC and barcode reader / 1 RJ11 connector for connecting drawer, 12v.

Cabinet: Compact 290P x 280b x 137h mm, equipped with wiring compartment for cables and retractable housing sector power retractable cover slip out additional system designed for use outdoors (optional).

Supply: External power supply, OUT 12Vdc / 36W, power cable car (optional) or battery (external) for use in walking version.



Graphics features: 24 characters per line, featuring Store Logo customizations, and supports up to 4 receipt logos for promotional messages.

Features: Cancellation, reversal item, reversal receipt, goods returns, receipts, withdrawals, opening the drawer, percentage + / discounts and surcharges, end of day,VAT reporting.

Departments and PLU: 5 departments keyboard expandable up to 10 directly accessible using quick buttons, programmable LALO-HALO. Up to 1,000 PLU with numeric code (EAN / UPCA) and 12 descriptive characters.

Readings: Electronic journal reading to printer and PC; Reading fiscal memory to printer option, with parameters ranging from date to date, and/or date with amounts; electronic journal reading with full report, from date to date, and/or date of receipt to receipt. Daily reports and by departments, VAT rates, PLU, and time slots.

Management Operators: Up to 4 with login / logout and user access codes.

Miscellaneous Functions: Voice option to issue fiscal code or VAT, calculating the rest, Online Support and User Friendly, programmable scrolling message, connection to a PC running the fiscal printer protocol MCT and Xon-Xoff.