What Is Imaging

Imaging is the process by which paper-based information is captured, converted into electronic format and is finally stored in a digital repository. In the case of physical hard copy documents, the process will start off by users scanning the documents and storing them in electronic format. Imaging solutions can also be configured to automatically categorize the type of document, perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and also extract index or "metadata" key information. Finally the electronic document together with its corresponding indexing information can be stored in a database or any other form of repository, such as file systems, or an XML file structure. When a document is required to be retrieved, the metadata is used to identify the required document or set of documents that meet the search criteria provided.

Image processing is also possible on electronic documents. Nowadays, most documents are already created and stored electronically but are kept in an ineffective and perhaps unorganized manner, which make it difficult for someone to search and retrieve. In such scenarios, an imaging solution can be introduced to sort, index and store the documents in an effective manner so that it will be easier for the documents to be retrieved.

There are several reasons why organizations would benefit from introducing an imaging solution:

  • Accessibility
  • Ease of access
  • Enables full-text search
  • Security
  • Space savings

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